Overview of the TSH


About Us

Taiwan Smokers’ Helpline (TSH) is founded in 2003 with an ultimate goal to help tobacco smokers quit. TSH is sponsored by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan, R.O.C., and is operated by Teacher Chang Foundation (a local Non-Government Organization providing telephone counseling services).



Our Missions

•To promote and provide smoking cessation counseling services

•To prepare professionals specialized in smoking cessation counseling

•To develop and modify an Asian-fitted smoking cessation counseling model

•To increase cessation rate in Taiwan



Our Service


0800-63-63-63 (toll-free number)

Operation hours

Monday to Saturday 9:00AM~9:00PM(Open on holidays except for Sundays and Chinese New Year.)

For whom

Callers who want to quit smoking or who want to help their family and friends to quit.
1. Smoking cessation counseling: provided through telephone and internet services.
2. Referrals: medical treatment referrals provided.
3. Materials: mail related materials to callers.

Private Line 戒菸專線

戒菸專線服務中心 戒菸專線服務中心